You turn on the TV to see a big juicy cheeseburger, dripping with sauce, an extra bun stuffed in the middle. You and your child are drooling as you watch this burger intently. You have all of the ingredients that you need to make a salad, but heading to the McDonald’s just up the road sounds a whole lot easier. You can feed your family of four for under 20 dollars.

The Epidemic

Obesity in adolescents is on the rise in America. With weight management fallen to the windside, our culture has continued to promote a lifestyle of a fast paced environment that rewards laziness and bad eating habits. Think about it, what is easier to access: a cheeseburger or a salad? A Milkshake or fruit smoothie? Children of this generation play behind an LED screen instead of outside. They have no need to get up and go outside when they can talk to and compete against their friends through internet accessed games. Childhood obesity is becoming more and more prevalent because of lack of physical activity, lack of an effort to manage weight, and an increase in the promotion and advertising of unhealthy foods.

Contributing Factors


As previously mentioned, foods being advertised in the media are not the healthy kind. When was the last time that you say a commercial for a salad, or a green smoothie? It is hard to say when all that comes to mind is breaded chicken fingers, warm and salty fries, and chocolaty sundaes. With foods like these engraved into the minds of our youth, it makes it much harder for them to make healthy food choices when faced with the dilemma between a bag of chips and an apple.

Larger Portions

Portion sizes have been on the rise for quite some time now. Just because it is put on your plate, doesn’t mean that you have to eat all of it. This is a foreign concept to some children. Instead of eating until full, kids will eat until all of the food is gone. This means a lot of extra calories that the body will not use, and in time store as fat.

No Place To Play

Sometimes being physically active can be challenging for youths, because they have no place to do it. Kids who don’t have a backyard or local park are bound to spend less time outside running around than those who do. There is also the issue of kids who live in less safe areas, who cannot go outside without fearing for their safety.

Limited Access

There is also the issue of kids literally not having access to healthy food. Some areas do not have as many health food choices as others, while others simply can’t afford to buy healthy foods because of the cost. Some just struggle to eat healthy with so many temptations in their area i.e the row of fast food restaurants across from the Whole Foods.

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