The days can sometimes feel like they never end. Our work, our commute, picking up the kids from school, making it to events, parties, and family gatherings—it can be enough to run anyone ragged. The stress of our daily activities can leave us feeling overwhelmed; it can also leave us feeling like we are starving. It’s at these times when that little voice in our head tells us it’s okay to opt for a double cheeseburger or an extra candy bar after dinner. We rationalize our decisions with the thought that we worked hard and we therefore deserve it. After a while, the little treats we reward ourselves with become a habit, an everyday thing that used to be a luxury. Soon, our bodies no longer feel healthy—we are tired and sluggish now, and as days go by, we become more aware of the scale tipping in a way that makes us uncomfortable.

Here at the Body and Mind Medical Weight Loss Center, we understand how easy it is to fall into this pattern of emotional eating. Food can be an incredibly powerful balm for stress. But we also know that this behavior is harmful to our physical and mental well-being. There are ways to manage your weight and keep yourself feeling and looking healthy, including the KE diet. However, slimming down quick isn’t the solution to your weight management problems. Until you learn to be mindful of your food choices, the spinning wheel will keep going ‘round.

What is Emotional Eating?

Before we address what emotional eating is, we need to first define what it isn’t. Eating the occasional treat or indulging every once in awhile isn’t an inherently bad thing in and of itself. When indulging becomes a problem is when it becomes an everyday habit or a means to deal with emotional pain and turmoil. For instance, if your first impulse after arriving home from a stressful day of work is to dive into the refrigerator, seeking comfort in sweets or that pizza leftover from your kid’s birthday party, that can be a problem. Emotional eating, at its core, is using food to self-medicate. Food’s purpose is to provide fuel for our bodies, not to ease our anxiety and stress. As soon as food ceases to be fuel, that’s when the trouble begins.

Stay posted until next time when we will provide you with three tips on how to become a more mindful eater. In the meantime, check out the details about the KE Medical Weight Loss Diet and how we at the Body and Mind Medical Weight Loss Center can help jumpstart your journey towards becoming healthy and happy. Contact us to learn more today.